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D_Daniels Group is a team of young Nigerians who believe they can be better leaders by learning how it should be done. We are people from every sphere of life and we are actively using over areas of influence to build a better Nigeria starting from who we are, and where we are.  

We have a vision of raising youths of purpose, notable character, intellectual vigor and societal influence that will make a difference par excellence in Nigeria. Our mission is targeted to encourage, assist and aid youths discover and begin to live a life of purpose; acquire academic prowess, basic knowledge skill and expertise; exhibit notable character; make impacts and influence in the society;  reflect economic and entrepreneurial sagacity; and portray  great leadership qualities.

The great future of Nigeria does not lie in Nigeria (or on it’s resources), rather, it lies inside every Nigerian and so we believe that through the youths, we can all make a difference excellently in the future of our nation, in our little sphere. Thus the Making A Difference par Excellence (MADE) in Nigeria Initiative (MINI) was birthed. We believe that we are ‘MADE’ in Nigeria for Nigeria.

In order to achieve these, MINI is sub-divided into various means of actualizing its objectives. Some of which are:

  1. Organizing annual purpose discovery seminars (such as D_PASS – The Purpose And Academic Success Seminars); weekly motivation forums and other inspiring platforms as often as possible;

  2. Organizing training, workshop and contests (such as CEREBRATION – an IQ challenge and celebration of intellectual geniuses), to encourage and enhance intellectual stability, intelligence quotient, skills and talents. 

  3. The MINDS (MADE IN NIGERIA DESIGN SCHOOL) which teaches and trains its students in computer-aided-designs, creativity patterns, skill acquisitions and other design arts.

  4. Organizing tutorials (targeted at improving the academic and intellectual performance).

  5. Inter-personal (one-on-one) means of general mentoring.

  6. Any other viable means and strategies.

D_Daniels’ Group started basically as a tutorial academy in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Campus with its first class on November 24th, 2014. It offered free tutorial classes for students basically in the sciences, with general academic, motivational and purpose driven talks as often as possible. This gradually led to a greater need for a campus seminar tagged D_PASS (The Purpose & Academic Success Seminar), and a campus IQ Challenge, CEREBRATION (targeted to celebrate, encourage, and enhance the intellectual stability and capacity of the youths).

These events and others like the MINDS (Made in Nigeria Design School) were thus embedded as branches of the Making-A-Difference par Excellence (MADE)  in Nigeria Initiative (MINI), which basically summarizes the group’s mission and objectives. 

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